News Feed Sanitizer – Unclutter Your Social Media News Feed external link

Clean your social networks news feeds, by filtering the posts based on a banned word list.
News Feed Sanitizer allows you to block annoying posts from your news feeds. Just define some keywords and from then on, you won’t see any news feed posts that match those keywords.

Keywords can be of 3 types:
a) Words: any number of words. If they are all found (in any order), the post is hidden. Example: Ronaldo,Messi,GOAT
b) Phrase: whatever phrase you want, for example: The Royal Family
c) Regular Expression: this one should be used only by people who have programming knowledge and know how regular expressions work.

News Feed Sanitizer works on all major social networks (Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and others).

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  1. Irene Thomas says:

    Syncs seamlessly with my email and calendar