Newsfetch – Harnessing The Power Of Social Media Data With AI external link

Newsfetch is an app that helps individuals, сompanies, and government organizations to track, monitor, and analyze target mentions across all the top social media platforms and content providers within a single interface.

Capturing data from the top social media platforms (FB, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
AI algorithms to provide users with the most valuable content
Capturing data from websites using the visual selector feature of Scrapes and XPath syntax for advanced usage
Google search data fetching
Powerful internal search system
A noise-reducing algorithm which helps to customize and narrow down the search results by using additional triggers
The real-time hyper-accurate curated Alerts and monitoring of the updates.
Sentiment analysis to classify the text data by different tones
Machine learning algorithms to recognize and categorize the news by a wide range of topics

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