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Notesnook is a simple and cross-platform private notes app that keeps all your notes organized and synced on your phone, tablet and computer. We use best-in-class encryption algorithms XChaCha20-Poly1305 & Argon2 that are stronger & safer than AES256, impenetrable & future-proof. Your notes are encrypted on your device. All your notes are 100% private. No one but you can read your notes (not even us).

But privacy isn’t the only thing that Notesnook has to offer:
Cross platform – Notesnook has apps on all platforms and works even on your browser.
End to end encrypted private note syncing to unlimited devices
Organize your notes with notebooks, tags and colors
Encrypt/lock your notes in a private vault locally
Full rich text editor with markdown support
Focus mode (distraction-free mode)
Export notes in HTML, Markdown, PDF & Text formats
Automatic backups
Dark mode and custom accents
Notesnook Monograph – Share your notes on public URL with one click in a safe and secure way

There are many note taking apps. Each has its own specialty but most don’t care about your privacy or security. Those that do take out important features. Those that keep important features with privacy lack a good user interface. Those that provide a good user interface provide it only for 1 platform.

These are the 4 problems that Notesnook solves:

No compromise on security and user privacy
No sacrifice on important note taking features (e.g. note locking, PDF exports, organize via notebooks, topics & tags)
Provides a simple, easy to use user interface.
Works exactly the same on all platforms.

At Notesnook we believe in simple privacy. Simple privacy means giving you full control of your data without making the process complicated. You shouldn’t have to perform any extra action to make your notes private. That is where Notesnook shines.

Notesnook is free to download and use. Users can subscribe to pro plan which includes some extra features. When you sign up, you automatically recieve 15 days of free trial fo the pro version (no credit card required).

It took us over a year to bring Notesnook to life. It has been a great journey with many highs and lows. Thank you for taking your precious time to look into our app. We hope it is worth your time to review it on your website.

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