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Get the trending topics on a special social messaging platform.Numbertank is an advanced social messenger that offers much more than free chatting. This free chat app is way cooler with its exceptional features like secret chat, scheduling of messages, channels, events, topic & polls, and two special sections – ‘talk’ and ‘discover’. Such exclusive features make Numbertank an amazing social messaging app besides the fundamental free chat app. The Channel section allows you to connect with communities that share similar interests as yours. ‘Status Updates’ for users to showcase their daily life updates in the form of new display picture, textual thoughts, visiting new places, tagging peers, funny jokes in form of message and the likes.

Key Features –
• Users to whom you are following.
• User profile showing number of followers.
• Notification feature for the latest contest.
• Discover section to join in the trending topics, story & news.
• Secret chat for the selective private chat with hidden approach.

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