Numpad Superpowers – A Drag-and-drop Keystroke Automation Software For Windows external link

Numpad Superpowers is a drag-and-drop keystroke automation software for Windows. It allows you to create powerful macros to automate those annoying and repetitive tasks that you encounter when using your computer. With the press of a button, you can automate keyboard shortcuts, typing text, opening applications and pressing keys, all in any combination.

Most automation can be created in 10 – 40 seconds using a simple block-based editor, and you can then trigger this automation with a physical press of a key on your numeric keypad (numpad). Numpad Superpowers was designed to be flexible and work with the equipment you already have – you can hook it up to a USB macropad, trigger it with keyboard shortcuts, plug in an external USB numpad, or even just use the on-screen buttons.

I hope that Numpad Superpowers improves your productivity, saves you some time and effort, and makes everyone around you think that you have superpowers!

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