Nymble – A Smart Private Chef Lives In Your Kitchen And Cooks At The Tap Of A Button On Phone external link

Nymble is a smart private chef lives inside your kitchen and cooks delicious meals for you anytime, at the tap of a button.
Cooking takes place through an induction cooktop that has a pan with an in-built stirrer. There are macro-containers where users can load ingredients such as vegetables, meat, grains, etc. and spice pods contain freshly sealed spices. In-built oil and water containers ensure users don’t have to fill these in every day. Nymble uses artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to learn user tastes and preferences over time to provide personalized cooking for consumers. It includes thermal sensors and an in-built camera that takes in important information about food as it is being cooked, ensuring every element is cooked to perfection. The device is also wifi-connected and controllable through a companion app, so users can track, schedule and plan their recipes from their phones.

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