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Obolify is all about giving local and independent retailers the opportunity to sell their products online. They can easily upload their shop and its products to Obolify without any previous knowledge or IT experts. Obolify is therefore an online marketplace (like Amazon), but with local stores from your area! The user gets a convenient and modern way to order products online from home or on the road with our app, and at the same time supports retail. You can also advertise products and stores on Obolify, and at a lower price than with other providers.


For Buyers:
– Order your favourite products easily and conveniently and also support independent shops and markets.
– Select from a huge variety of products from various categories in one platform.
– We use modern technologies to provide a safe environment to explore great products and shops, focusing on great design and simplicity.
– Buy conveniently online from local retailers.
– On Obolify, you can get exclusive discounts on your favorite items and make the best deals available.
– We think that privacy is fundamental, and especially when it comes to buying specific products, we believe that feeling safe and private is important.

For Sellers:
– With Obolify you can easily sell your products online, without the need for prior knowledge or an IT expert.
– Expand your existing business on a new online marketplace and profit from the rapidly growing online trade.
– At Obolify, we pay special attention to a safe shopping experience. Give your customers a trustworthy way to shop with you online.
– Advertising on Obolify is quick and easy. Your advertised products and shops will be displayed at the top of every corresponding search or explore.

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  1. Serenity Sky says:

    Organization made simple, thanks to this app