Octolens – AI Powered Keyword Monitoring For B2B external link

Octolens monitors the web and social platforms for keywords that are important to your business. Whenever someone mentions one of your keywords, we notify you via email or Slack.

You can monitor for important keywords like your brand name, product name, user pain points, or competitors. These types of mentions are often golden opportunity to highlight your product or learn more about your customer.

Octolens monitors Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Hacker News, GitHub, YouTube, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and DEV.to and we consistently add new sources.

We use AI to learn about your business and score posts by relevance, so you can filter out the noise and focus on what’s important.

We have a free product to try on our homepage, an individual plan ideal for solo entrepreneurs ($19/month), and a start-up plan for teams ($59/month).

Stop monitoring sites manually and use Octolens.

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