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Experience forecast confidence with Oliv, offering unparalleled pipeline visibility and automatic MEDDIC/BANT scorecard syncing to your CRM. Oliv maps buying committees and prioritizes key deals daily, providing actionable insights and coaching tips. It also enhances rep coaching by analyzing calls to pinpoint improvement areas. Streamline your sales management with Oliv, ensuring precision and strategic decision-making across your team’s efforts.


Forecast Predictability: Hit your targets with precision. Oliv shows where every deal stands, boosting your planning confidence.

Account Mapping: See the full deal landscape. Identify key stakeholders and decision paths with Oliv’s account mapping.

Real-Time Call Guidance: Support your team when they need it. Oliv alerts you to jump in with meeting notes for effective closes.

Meeting Scores: Prioritize key interactions. Oliv scores meetings by engagement and outcome, saving you from sifting through recordings.

Auto CRM Sync: Keep your CRM flawless. Oliv’s auto-sync captures all MEDDIC/BANT details, keeping data current.

Personalized Rep Coaching: Turn your team into superstars. Offer personalized feedback and insights to boost rep performance.

Daily Deal Prioritization: Focus on what matters most. Oliv streamlines your day by prioritizing crucial deals.

Unparalleled Pipeline Visibility: See your entire pipeline clearly. Make informed decisions and drive success with Oliv.

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