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With Olvy’s powerful release note tool, announce new features with beautiful and effective in-app widgets and standalone pages, and see your release feedback turn into insights.

Some of the main features of Olvy are listed below:

In-App Widget: Install directly in-app. Personalize to match your UI. No code required.
Get your users’ attention by magically engaging your visitors with eye-catching in-app notification widgets.

Standalone Page – Public product changelog with custom domain and SEO
All your releases in one place! Make it easy for your users to browse your past feature updates at their own leisure by hosting them on a dedicated site.

User Feedback – Sentiment Analysis on your user comments
See what your users really think about your latest updates with feedback from reactions and comments on releases. You can analyze the results of your releases with Olvy’s unique sentiment analysis feature, where you can get a quick understanding of whether the user feedback is positive or negative.

Olvy Dashboard – Forge the path ahead by understanding how your features are performing
A powerful dashboard that completes the journey of your feature that starts from the release and ends at the analysis of how it performed, powered by our unique sentiment analysis technology.

With countless other wonderful things in the shop, you make your product team’s life easier with Olvy.

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