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Establishing strong connections with customers can be difficult when managing multiple tools across different contact points. Luckily, OpenWidget has a solution. This website widget is free and allows immediate access to a range of features that support sales growth and communication, including a contact form, product cards, and an FAQ template. With AI-based onboarding and product setup, installing OpenWidget is simple. Moreover, it is compatible with all contemporary e-commerce platforms. As OpenWidget advances, so will its range of features – we are always striving to provide new and innovative functionality. Take advantage of this chance to create trust and transform website visitors into dedicated clients. And all of this without any costs!

OpenWidget offers a hassle-free Contact Form that is simple and stylish, allowing your customers to ask questions, make inquiries, and contact you easily. Thanks to AI, you can customize the welcoming message displayed in the Contact Form widget. This will help you make a great first impression on your customers and save you the time you would have spent configuring the widget manually.

If you want to showcase your products and latest updates, OpenWidget’s Product Cards are an excellent choice. Copy and paste the product link into OpenWidget, and our platform will create an engaging and visually appealing card that will grab your website visitor’s attention. Moreover, our AI-assisted configurator lets you concisely summarise your products with just one click.

With OpenWidget’s FAQ module, you can enable your visitors to find answers to frequently asked questions without having to ask them directly. Creating a comprehensive FAQ section can help your customers quickly and easily find the information they need, leading to more sales. Providing customers with swift and informative answers is often a decisive factor in their decision to purchase.

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