Orbu – Physical AR Game With Engaging Slingshot Mechanics external link

Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, Orbu is a physical AR game with engaging slingshot mechanics. Transform your surroundings and embark on a journey through ever-changing seasons. Discover and collect new Orbu creatures such as Tanuki (raccoon dog), Noko (turtle) and Konkon (fox) – and guide them through a series of obstacle courses. Find butterflies and feed fish along the way. Move around the play area to discover new secrets and get up close and personal to the creatures. Where will Orbu take you?


– Relaxing and satisfying game experience with fun challenges in AR.
– Choose where you play – indoors, outdoors or on a flat surface such as tabletop.
– Lose yourself in 26 wondrous levels set over three unique chapters.
– Each chapter introduces a distinct Orbu creature such as Tanuki (raccoon dog), Noko (turtle) and Konkon (fox).
– Guide the Orbu creatures to their spirit statue so they can find their home.



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