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Unlimited photo sharing and video sharing for family and friends. Organize, store, share and enjoy all of your photo memories the easy, private way.
Orgit is the FREE and fun way for you to upload, access, organize and share photos and videos from any device and any location across the globe. Privately share your awesome memories among your friends and family in real-time.

With Orgit, you can easily store as many photos and videos as you want in a private place without worrying about storage space. Connect with your friends, family, classmates or professional network to share photos and videos privately and quickly.

Orgit photo sharing app allows you print your digital photos in the most popular formats, create personalized phone cases or turn your favorite photo into an instant work of art through a photo canvas print.

Reasons to use Orgit:

– Access all your photos and videos from a single place.
– Easily share event photos with your friends and family (weddings, baby showers, parties, vacations, the list goes on and on!).
– 100% Private. Choose who you want to share your albums with. You have full control of your albums so you can allow others to contribute or simply view what you add.
– Unlimited storage. Share photos at full resolution and store everyone’s photos and videos without worrying about space.
– Have personal conversations via Comment feature.
– Download all the photos and videos on your private computer/smartphone, or share them via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Text Message.

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  1. Billy Price says:

    great app nice ui…. very useful in daily life