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IT resellers, such as VARs and MSPs, face the very complex process of quoting, renewing and tracking IT assets. From slow systems, disjointed workflows and missing fields, bad software often slows down teams and impacts profitability.
Owlytica solves this challenge by offering quoting, renewal management and IT asset management in one unified platform, enabling the reseller to sell faster, offer self-service portals and most importantly use the asset data generated by quotes, renewals and customers to upsell and cross-sell more products and services.
The key features of Owlytica include Quoting, Contracts, Renewals, Asset Management, Portal, and Ticketing. These are designed to reduce manual work, helping IT resellers focus on what they do best: selling. With Owlytica, capturing more renewals and finding new sales opportunities becomes much easier, boosting profitability and morale.
Owlytica easily connects with existing distribution, CRM, and financial systems through its API, making it a versatile tool for growing your IT reselling business.
To learn more about Owlytica and schedule a consultation, please visit Owlytica.com.

Key Features

-Contract Management
-Asset Management
-Customer Portal
-Ticketing and Help Desk
-Reports and Dashboards

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