Petal Technology – APIs For Brain-computer Interface Software Development. external link

Petal is building telepathic technology so that people can communicate with others with their minds. We mix artificial intelligence and neuroscience to facilitate the development of brain-computer interface applications.

Our proprietary algorithms translate thoughts, mental states, and imagined movements into coded events that developers can use to create hands-free, voice-free experiences. We make the output of our algorithms available for desktop, mobile, web, VR, and AR developers through our telepathic software development kits.

Currently, we support C++, Python, JavaScript, C#, and Unity3D. We do not produce our own hardware, however, we do support the major commercial BCI headsets and our SDKs have been used to build handless and voiceless interactions in gaming, IoT, extended reality, art installations, music, and robotics. We are seeking pre-seed funding and strategic advisors. Visit petal-tech for a demo or to request more information.

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