PlagiaShield – Hunt Content Thefts At Scale. Get Your Rankings Back. external link

PlagiaShield helps website owners fight content thefts. It is in Open Beta for now. I would love to hear your feedback!

Content Is King. Those who heavily invest in high-quality written posts need to protect their strategic asset. PlagiaShield finds all potential thefts and helps you get rid of them.

1. Enter your domain.
2. Take a deep breath when discovering the results. Yes, you got copied. Much more than you thought.
3. Check the most fraudulent websites: ask them to pull off the problematic pages with the email PlagiaShield wrote for you.
4. Check the most copied pages. PlagiaShield prepared the Google copyright removal form (DMCA) for you. Fill your complaints.
5. Once the fraudulent content disappears from Google and the Web, watch your rankings grow.

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  1. Samuel Kelly says:

    The interface is amazing