Planet Crypto – Own, Trade And Earn ETH With Collectible Plots Of Planet Earth external link

Ever wanted to own your parts of your Town, Your Office Block… The White House or even The Kremlin?

Planet Crypto lets you own virtual plots of the entire planet!

We’ve put the entire globe onto the blockchain – a feat which has never been achieved before. Planet Crypto is a strategic trading card game where the first round is LAND GRAB – buy your plots now before anyone else. Next stage is building before the battles begin! Be quick – land prices rise as each one is sold and watch out for hostile take-overs!!

– Each plot of land increases the players EMPIRE SCORE… the higher the score the bigger share of the games land tax they’ll receive.

– Players cards can be taken over at anytime for 2x the last purchase price! The previous owner loses the land and the EMPIRE SCORE! The new player receives the land and a 150% boost on the cards EMPIRE SCORE!

– Land Prices increase every time a plot of land is sold!

The games 1st round is now live ~ LAND GRAB!

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  1. Nancy Allen says:

    This app is amazing. You should definitely go check it out