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Starbunker Guardians 2 is a sci-fi military take on the popular tower defense genre. Players place various space soldiers and vehicles with various weapons and armaments around different maps in an attempt to keep the advancing alien forces from breaching the bunkers in each level. These buildings that the player’s troops are defending are located at the end of paths of trenches that increase in complexity with each level.

As players defeat enemies, they acquire resources that they can use to generate new units to be placed in defensive positions around the map. These resources can also be used to upgrade existing units to increase the power and range of their weapons and other abilities. Players also gain crystals that can be used to purchase tech tree items that will increase the overall stats of the player’s units and open up new units for the player to use. With these tech tree options, the game takes an interesting departure from many other tower defense games. Unlocking the new units and abilities through access to new production facilities in the tech tree makes Starbunker: Guardians 2 feel more like a real time strategy game at times.

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