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The PlayScore 2 sheet music player app can play back any printed music, straight from a photo or PDF score – with full part separation.

Key Features:
– Snap or download your score into PlayScore 2 for instant playback.
– Hear the music as PlayScore 2 follows measure by measure.
– Tap anywhere, adjust tempo, create loops.
– Adjust part volumes to bring out individual parts.
– Share the playing score with other choir or band members free – no subscription needed!
– Choose from 18 high quality instruments.
– Export as MIDI/MusicXML to any score editor such as MuseScore and Finale.

PlayScore 2 sight reads music straight from a paper score or PDF using the latest techniques in Optical Music Recognition. PlayScore 2 follows the music on screen as it plays, with full articulation and dynamics. Tap on any measure to play the music from that point, loud or soft, fast or slow. Drag a finger to create a loop to help you practice a tricky passage.

The Staves screen lets you mute or adjust the volume of each part individually, allowing you to play just your part, or with the others in the background. You can transpose the music to another key and choose from 18 instruments for each part separately.

Share with other choir or band members free! When you share a PlayScore 2 playing score with others, they can use all the part-separated playback features free. They can tap-to-play, speed the music up, slow it down, create loops etc., all using our free download.

Edit and arrange the music. PlayScore 2 can export the music in MusicXML which is accepted by all the main score editors such as Finale, MuseScore, Dorico and Sibelius.

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  1. Gerald Roberts says:

    I never rate app weather I hate them or not but I am rating this app.