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We are a small start-up made up of people who see pokers as the love of their life. We want to play poker all the time, so we decided to form team and made an app that we can play with friends whenever and wherever we want.

Connecting your poker friends from thousands of miles away!
To call on a poker game with friends can never be easier. The mobile poker app, Pokerrrr 2 (the brand-new version of the original Pokerrrr, still with the exact 4 Rs) allows you to bring in friends to join a poker game wherever they are, even on Jupiter, as long as they can connect to Wi-Fi with a functioning smart phone.

Time to lock your valuable playing cards in the safe!
Pokerrrr 2 guarantees an experience that is as close to a real poker game that an app can possibly achieve. With Pokerrrr 2, players can peek at their cards with a finger swipe, tap on the screen twice to check, just like playing on a real table but with friends who are geographically apart.

Keeping the tedious paperwork and calculations away!
A brand-new feature—the game records—that comes with Pokerrrr 2 has set this new version apart from any other poker app on the market. Pokerrrr 2 keeps a clear track of the wins and losses over dozens of poker sessions, allowing players to focus on important game strategies rather than exerting efforts to deal with loads of stats.

And now we’re offering 7-day free trial for early register. Any feedback is much appreciated

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  1. Julia Mitchell says:

    I like it

  2. Lillian Lewis says:

    Nice work…👌