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Have you ever played totally stoned running arcade games? If yes, you will sure love the never ending arcade running game Pot Man. It’s easy and funny and above all the running frenzy of the Pot Man will offer a stimulating dynamics for all its players….an extra advantage indeed!!
The game play of Pot Man is simple and super high, but mastering the control on Pot Man’s movement is challenging…you will sure love to take the test!!! Pot Man is being chased by police and he has to eat lot many weed to gain his super score. You need to help him to eat all the leaves. Once finished grabbing leaves and pink candies, Pot Man turns sturdy and now the chasing polices are turned into yummy hamburger. Pot Man can swallow them and get extra score.

Tap on screen to move Pot Man, grab weed, avoid the cops. The more Pot Man eats leaves, candy, and converted hamburgers, the more you will get to bag high score. It’s up to you to share your score in social networks and ask your friends if they can beat you.

Before you download Pot Man app, take a look at its super high features:
* Simple and attractive user interface: you will find no hassle to navigate.
* Pot Man looks perfect: the chaser police looks equally funny,
* The objective of the game is like in real: to avoid police and eat as many weed as possible to survive on board,
* Despite the apparently random nature of the enemy polices, their actions are sternly deterministic, which Pot Man can use to his advantage: the biggest twist of the game occurs when police turns into hamburgers and Pot Man eats them.
* This eating game also features high scores
* You can share the game score in social networking sites,
* Stimulating music at the background will keep you extra high and alert on the running frenzy.

Are you a Pot Man? If yes – download now and start enjoying Pot Man.

P.S. If you think that Pot Man description you have just read is wasted, you can send your own description to our email. If Pot Man likes your description – it can be published here. Peace!

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