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In a world where winks, pokes and text messages have come to replace real human connection, a new smartphone app is fighting the trend. Pozee has found the solution to getting singles to interact the old fashioned way through conversation and chemistry.

Pozee is the first mobile application designed to encourage singles to put down their phone, look up and re-engage with the people around them.

How does it do this?
Using your phone’s location services, Pozee enables singles to identify each other at a venue and discretely show their interest in meeting face-to-face. The onus is then on either party to approach the other in normal conversation.

Pozee espouses the belief that chemistry is everything when it comes to finding a partner and that chemistry can only be experienced through being in the presence of another human being. The app represents a radical departure from the current momentum of online and mobile dating toward the ever-increasing dehumanisation of social interaction.

The beauty of Pozee lies in its simplicity but also the careful attention that has been paid to those often neglected user concerns such as privacy, safety and battery drain.

Pozee avoids many of the problems often associated with online and mobile dating, including:

• The need to fill out an online profile;
• The lack of privacy around one’s single status;
• The inability to act in real time; and
• The absence of real human connection.

Pozee is currently available in Australia only, with plans to release in the US later this year and the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

Users can grab a glimpse of the new app and sign up to be notified of its local release at Pozee’s website – www.pozeeapp.com.

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