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“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” – Earl Nightingale

Having clearly defined goals and always making progress towards their realization is the key to succeed in life. Progressive Goals helps you do just that: define clear goals in a SMART way and keep track of your progress through tables, graphs and other cool visual elements while keeping you motivated through legendary quotes and notifications. This app is different from all other productivity apps in the way that it is 100% personalized. There are no predefined limitations: you are unique and you must create your own custom goals, tracking items, deadlines, areas of life that want to improve. Progressive Goals provides a centralized place for all your goals (that can be anything from hitting fitness PRs to mediations habits), grouped by the areas you define (Fitness, Money, Relationships, Spirituality), and you can access them from any mobile or desktop device since the data is safely stored in the cloud.

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  1. Jerald Henderson says:

    love the recent updates