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Proverbs Trivia Quiz game is an addictive yet challenging word guessing game for iPhone and iPad?. A Real brain teaser for any one I bet.? ?

Design Nominees announced ‘Proverbs Trivia Quiz by @saappsofficial as “#Game of the Day 18 July 2016” –

Proverbs Trivia Quiz challenges your intellect and wisdom, test your ability, knowledge and English vocabulary as well as educating ?you ?with proverbs and their meaning while providing fun at the same time. ?

Game Features:

You’ll be presented with a Phrase. You?r? g?oal is to guess what WORD is behind the? ??proverbial expression or given ?idiomatic sentence?. Each sentence is missing or describing an iDiom or Proverb which you have to guess by selecting letters to fill the board. There ?are 200 Proverbs to guess. Let’s see how far can you go!

How to Play Proverbs Trivia Quiz? ?? ?

Tap the letters to place them on the game board. Tapping letters again will remove already selected letters from the game board. If letters are correctly filled, Word gets completed this way you can ?get the correct Proverb and forward to next level. ?

Tap on ‘Let’s Play’ from Main Menu to Start the Proverbs Trivia Quiz? ??Game.

Tap ‘How to Play’ to get help tutorial.

Detailed ?o?ptions are mentioned ?here ?to help you out while playing Proverbs Trivia Quiz Game.?

Check out the Icons across both side of the game board ?to help you guess the word easily.

– Tap ‘A’ to reveal a correct letter

– Tap ‘Bomb Letters’ to remove irrelevant letters from the board. ?

– Tap ‘Blue ?Arrow’ to Skip to next level

IF you are stuck with any question ?no worries, Ask your facebook and twitter fans and followers to guess it for you.

– Facebook ??Tap? ‘f’ ??icon to post on your time line to ask friends helping you guess correct word ?

– Twitter ??Tap ? ‘t’ ??Icon to Tweet your question to engage your followers guessing correct word for you

– Tap Gift box to brief you with description defining the ?proverbial expression further ??

– Tap on ?Crown to ?Get? ?’?Premium Package?’? cosisting, Remove Ads and a Wrong letter as well as ?Filling a correct letter on the board. ?

– Tap Video Icon to play a video to get a free letter hint, the more you play the more free letters you will get.

I bet you are gonna an addict, engaged with it for hours, guessing ?letters again and again using Free letters, using Bomb letters to remove irrelevant letters and ?even collecting points to jump to next level as fast as you can. ??

If you are a Genius you can solve it Guess it right and forward to the next LEVEL of intellect.

Don’t give up my friend !

If you love our game please Rate it on iTunes and Share with friends to ?Let them enjoy the board on their iPhone or iPad.

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