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Pursuit For Phone is a point and click type new escape game for free developed
by BestEscapeGames. Try to help Melissa to Pursuit For Phone and escape from
the house. Melissa is a young woman living in Pennsylvania with her family. One
day, she got a call from her aunt for a small party to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Melissa bought a

brand new mobile for her aunt and she went to the party the next day along with her family. When she opened her

bag, she could not find the mobile. Later she came to know that the phone was taken by her small brother and he

left it in the house. Melissa now searched for her brother to ask about the phone but, he left with other boys

for playing. She has the only way to get the phone by returning to her house and find the phone on her own. Now,

she ran to her house to Pursuit For Phone and has to return before the party ends.

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  1. Rose Price says:

    Does what it says!

  2. Deborah Kelly says:

    The interface is amazing

  3. Henry Clark says:

    Nice work…👌

  4. Frances Hernandez says:

    Love this app!

  5. Sara Collins says:

    Really nice.

  6. Lawrence Torres says:

    Actually fantastic, the UI, the aesthetic..