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I’ve just recently completed and released my very first iOS app onto the app store. It is a little math game where the player has to get as many math questions correct as possible. There are two modes with the free version – 60 SECS and RUSH mode.

60 SECS gives the player one minute to get as many questions correct as possible.

RUSH starts the timer at 10 seconds, then after every correct answer the timer will reset to 10 seconds. After a number of correct answers, that timer will drop to reset at 8 seconds … then eventually 3 seconds.

The paid version also has a 30 SECS mode.

The game is over when the player gets three wrong questions or the timer runs out.

Qwik Math covers addition, subtraction (on 3 different levels), multiplication and division (11 different factors – 2 to 12). Each separate setting has its own high score. The total score is all the sum of all the high scores. Total score is what the player is placed with on the Game Center leader board.

Here is the app store link to the paid version:

and the free version

Both those have screenshots of what the game looks like.

Here is a code for the standard version (which will expire in about a month from now):

Thank you, and I hope you review this app!

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