RA-Fit – Your Complete Fitness App To Track Workouts, Assessments & Nutrition external link

I created and designed RA-Fit to be your complete fitness app to track and record your workouts, body assessments, and macro-nutrients focused on a very clean and simple to use approach. Along with the tracking & recording functions, there are also informative screens helping explain some of the assessment and nutrition inputs. Also comes with built in timers; countdown, stop-watch and tabata.

The data from the app is stored on a server, so you can use it on multiple devices without the hassle of backing up your data and restoring it on another device. It is broken into 3 sections; Fitness, Assessments & Nutrition. Each area is equally important in order to help you reach your fitness goals. Separate menu options, which allows for easy navigation for each individual module.

RA-Fit is your complete fitness app, fitness tracker, assessment tracker, and nutrition tracker. With RA-Fit you can create your own workouts and be held accountable using the assessment tracker and nutrition tracker.

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  1. Erika Garrett says:

    Nice work…👌

  2. Tyler Burch says:

    I have some questions about RA Fit. Can someone email me??

  3. Carolyn Smith says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for

  4. Mark Baker says:


  5. William Sanders says:

    very good

  6. Brenda Perry says:

    The idea of the app is great. It has a lot of potential