Rabbit Tunnel – Path Puzzle Game (Early Access) external link

Rabbit Tunnel- Path Puzzle Game is a brand new connecting puzzle game. It’s like one of those fantastic flow puzzle games or line connecting games that will keep you occupied for hours, but without stress.
If you love to work your brain, this new path puzzle game is the right choice. It will train your brain to be smarter and focused. Our appealing and straightforward thinking game for free is suitable for everyone. Whether you are bored and searching for connecting games like pipeline games or you need a puzzle game with levels to test your brain, our free puzzle mind games is here to help.
This is an interesting flow puzzle game with increasing difficulty. Don’t be mistaken – It may be easy to learn but hard to master.

You will find 4 different packs in this classic line puzzle game. There are beginner, standard, intermediate and expert packs. Start with the beginner pack, match the blocks to build a tunnel from where the rabbit can pass through, and successfully finish the level.

How to play
You will have to match the blocks to build a path or tunnel for the rabbit. Flip the blocks to fit them properly, create the path and finish the level. This puzzle game is your right choice if you are looking for problem-solving games or mind-sharpening games.
If you need free puzzle games for adults or older kids, try Rabbit Tunnel – Connect Puzzle game with Levels.

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  1. Donna Butler says:

    very well made