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The internet is changing the world.

It can empower human potential beyond belief.

With the worlds most powerful resource at your fingertips, how are you using it?

Are you learning more?

Distracted more?

We believe in a world where knowledge is power. Where anyone in the world who has a desire to learn, deserves the opportunity.

Education represents a chance at a better life and better opportunities.

What if you could learn at 10 times the rate of most people?

What would you do with that knowledge? provides powerful web-to-speech technology that allows you to convert a website to a natural human-sounding voice. Like mine.

Whether you are a struggling reader with learning differences, or a scientific researcher, empowers you to learn at your own pace.

Discover what accelerated learning feels like, and begin your learning journey today.

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  1. Ann Bennett says:

    thank you

  2. Deborah Kelly says:

    Really awesome I liked it😊

  3. Donna Butler says:

    This app is so cooooooolll.