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Say goodbye to manual data entry and say hello to productivity.

Receipt Stash automatically extracts the relevant data from your receipts and invoices, and prepares them for sending to your accounting software in less than 5 seconds.

Submit your receipts and invoices to Receipt Stash and our technology will automatically extract all the essential information at lightning fast speeds. Your expense data, and the receipt files are stored securely in the cloud and can seamlessly flow through to your accounting platform with the push of a button.

Submit your receipts and invoices from anywhere, at any time, with a number of different submission methods such as:

Mobile app – submit receipts and invoices with ease by downloading our free mobile apps from the app stores.

File uploader – upload files directly via the file uploader in the intuitive web dashboard.

Email in – have your suppliers, clients, or employees email receipts or invoices directly into your account by using a unique Receipt Stash address.

Import apps – automatically upload receipts and invoices by integrating with our import app options such as Dropbox.

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  1. Nancy Allen says:

    Very useful!! Thanks!