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Remed. Remember Taking Your Medicine!

From now on you will never forget to take any form of medicine:

Organize your medication step by step, whether it is the vital insulin or the daily oral contraceptive. Create date, time and frequency of reminders in your own individual way.

The reminder will appear on your display at the particular time. Answer the push notification by swiping the display. You will save time and take your medicine in an easier and more efficient way.

No delays or „Do-it-later“-clicks anymore!

If you have more time available, you can also confirm your medicine taken in the app. Here you will find all the details about the medicine that you have already taken, together with a list of the medicine you haven’t yet – which can be important too.

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  1. Rose Carter says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for

  2. Sara Collins says:

    It works. Its a silly app but it works.

  3. Rose Price says:

    I liked this app this app is quite helpful..

  4. John Marpel says:

    love the recent updates