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Hi everyoneđź‘‹đź‘‹đź‘‹, my name is Angel and I am working on a project helping remote workers!

Basically, it’s a simple job board, but it’s probably the most complete and well-updated one out there (at least I haven’t found others like it). What makes it special is that it’s remote-exclusive frontend and backend jobs aggregator, sourcing data from more than 22 different places (most popular job boards) in a single place.

I check every job for data discrepancies and fix those either manually or with the help of several of my non-stop running bots. So, if you want to get a list of all remote frontend jobs which have a React requirement, but also a listed salary – you can do that.
Everything is checked manually by me and by some of my bots, so all data-discrepancies are fixed before every job post is fed into the database. So if you are only looking for remote React jobs with salaries, the best place to do that is probably Say you are looking for a remote .NET job in San Francisco – you can search for that too. 

It’s still the early stages of the project and what I am working on right now is job post composer integrated with Stripe, which will allow people to manually post advertisements and pay for them. 
I’ve sold a couple of featured ads already and I am aiming to optimise the process and shorten the time to sale.

I hope my project helps any of you who are looking for a remote job. I am also open for feedback (any kind of it really), so please do share!
Here are the links and
Thank you all,

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