Rescue Princess – Doors And Rooms external link

This game has 6 categories. The first game is Rescue the princess from dominant King. It’s all about safely rescuing the princess kidnapped by a cruel King. Second game is Reclaiming the Antique Statue. The story of this game is about a boy getting back the antique statue from the fantasy world. Third game is Agent Lee, where the player will be the best talented thief, who acts as an agent for anyone to complete the given tasks without getting caught. The fourth game is Bruter, where you need to be brilliant in bringing back the 20 most valuable items stolen from an exhibition. Fifth game is a Goofy cop. This game is about how a comedy cop turns into a talented cop. Sixth game is Towards the soul. This game is about rescuing the soul from a Dracula.

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  1. Henry Clark says:

    Actually fantastic, the UI, the aesthetic..

  2. Carolyn Smith says:

    It is a great app thank you