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Rookout is a data extraction and pipelining platform, which provides an unparalleled capability to collect any piece of data, from the deepest levels of live code, on demand. Using non-breaking breakpoints, Rookout empowers engineers to find the information they need and deliver it anywhere, in order to understand and advance their software. Save hours of work and reduce debugging and logging time by 80% – with zero friction, overhead, or risk.

Rookout is SoC2 and HIPAA compliant, and is currently available in Python, NodeJs, .Net and JVM runtimes, in all environments (from on-prem to Serverless).

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  1. Antoinette Bradley says:

    The idea of the app is awesome, although it can benefit from a few improvements..

  2. Earl Martinez says:

    The interface is amazing

  3. Lillian Lewis says:

    I liked this app this app is quite helpful..

  4. Mark Baker says:

    Makes collaboration with teammates smoother and more efficient