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Hello, I’m Kantin, creator and inventor of innovative apps !

I have developed many online products, and I always wanted to make the web simple, accessible and as little restrictive as possible!

✔Today, online, we can find for every problem a tool as a solution!
But creating an account for each of them and having to find them on the web is a work, long and tedious.

That’s why I wanted to create a tool that is efficient, fast and allows everyone to change their way of using online tools and discovering them.

So i created Saladtools

With SaladTools you will be able to discover more than 100 free tools, access them without changing windows and even use them directly from your SaladTools interface !

Magic, isn’t it?
You will be able to browse between all the tools available on the platform and even add your own tools if they are compatible !

The tools compatible with Saladtools include :

– No signup required
– Open to sharing with shortcode
– Intuitive and useful

All the tools have been sorted and selected so that they can help you and bring you maximum value so we hope you like it !
We hope you like the tool and that it will help you in your daily life !

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