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Product Description
Sansan provides a combined solution for business card scanning, data entry, and contact management, so that you can easily share the profiles of your clients with your colleagues.
Whether scanned or photographed with a smartphone, business card data is transcribed by real people – not machines – to guarantee 99.9 percent accuracy.
After digitization, the information will be stored in the cloud.
You can do many different things without needing to search through disorganized contact information. You can email, call and locate company address on map with one-touch links from Sansan. You and your team will no longer need to waste your time and money to manage and share contact information. You won’t miss out on a chance to make a sale anymore.

-Tech Crunch: “”Japanese Contact-Management Service Sansan Raises $14M
To Tackle The U.S.””

-Tech in Asia: “”This Japanese startup has 14 millionreasons why the business card isn’t dead””

-e27:””Can Japan’s contact sharing app Sansan ace it in the US?””

-Press Release: Sansan Launches Contact Sharing Serviceinthe US

You can download the app for free.
Apple appstore :
Googleplay :

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