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Save The Daizy Girl From Well is a point and click escape game for free developed by BestEscapeGames. Daizy is a small girl, who lives in a small village with her father. The village has suffered a water scarcity for the last few months and went to the next village for water. In the morning, she went to the next village for water and reached the well. While she looked into the well to check the water level, she got slipped and fell into the well with the well bucket. The well bucket is handled by a switch close to the water well, that pulls the bucket up automatically but, there is no one around there to help her. After a few hours, Daizy father began to search for her in the forest. Can you help Daizy father by using the clues and puzzles and Save The Daizy Girl From Well.

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  1. Rose Price says:

    great little app