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Step into the Saw Duck arena and hunt for floating wood asteroids for fuel to save your Saw Duck’s life. Fly your Saw Duck Steve by boosting through a maze of bombs to saw wood and sustain your fuel. Try not to saw any bombs, though, they will end your Saw Duck life very quickly. Try to survive as the skies darken with wave after wave of bombs that block your pursuit of lumber.

What do you need to survive the Saw Duck arena?
YOU NEED CONCENTRATION to track the endless bombs that darken the sky
YOU NEED TIMING to saw wood when no other bombs are around
YOU NEED DETERMINATION to keep fueled and push towards a new high score

Simple controls are used to save your saw duck’s life while preserving fuel. Tap on the right side of the screen to saw lumber and tap on the left side of the screen to propel yourself forward

Navigate your Saw Duck Steve on his first game to collect as much fuel as possible. The skies may seem calm now – but more bombs arrive every moment

* Infinite Saw Duck Flying Action
* See How Many Bombs You Can Avoid
* Get a Higher Score Than Your Friends
* Increasing Level of difficulty as More Bombs Fill Screen
* Simple Controls

Download for free today and feel the intensity of navigating the Saw Duck Arena

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  1. Julia Thomas says:

    It is a good app to have

  2. Ronald Spencer says:

    great application!!! great job by the creator of this