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Browse through millions of movies & tv shows, explore new, trending, popular and top rated titles.

ScrollWatch is a movie finder and recommendations app that helps you find the perfect movie or tv show and tells you if it is available for streaming on 200+ streaming services.

Tired of searching for a good movie on multiple streaming services? Use this movie and tv show guide to find titles that are available on over 200+ streaming providers.

– View lists of popular, trending, top rated, airing today movies and tv shows.
– Use filters for genres, release year, average rating and age rating.
– Add movies and tv shows to your watch list.
– Search for movies and tv shows in any language.
– See movie and tv show details translated in your language (title, description, genres and other).
– Check on which streaming provider a movie or TV show is available to stream/rent/buy.
– Read user reviews for a movie or TV show;
– Check for extra scenes (post credit scenes);
– View information about actors;
– View recommendations based on other movies and tv shows.
– Share movies and tv shows with other people.

Apply filters for genre, release year, average rating and age rating to find amazing movies and tv shows. The app also recommends other movies and tv shows based on what you browse.

View information about release date, runtime, genres, production companies, seasons, cast and more! Watch trailers and see where to watch your favorite movie or series.

Search for a film or tv show and add it to your watch list! Share in-app links with your friends and scroll through dozens of films and tv shows anytime, anywhere. No limits.

Keep track of your favourite movies and TV show, and add to your watchlist using this great movie finder app.

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