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Book your seats for carpooling ride sharing service in your routing. Are you seeking car service as a sharing ride? SeatsPlanet is a seat reservation system in the form of carpool app. Let’s use all these empty seats in the cars as carpooling that are circulating for commuting. You are going somewhere and want to share car? Post where you will go and your seats will become searchable for a quick ride in carpool. The interface will find the best match for passengers and display real availability for car sharing. In this sharing ride app, powerful interface allows you to synchronize with your calendar and communicate with the other users for details & rideshare before commute. In the transportation/rideshare the prices are automatic and calculated based on the price of gas and the maintenance cost of a vehicle. Sharing car with SeatsPlanet ride app allows low price transport for passengers/rider and big savings for drivers.

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  1. Lillian Lewis says:

    great little app