Seize The Day; Tell Them How You Really Feel With See Me Differently external link

A brand new dating App, launched today on the iPhone, is set to make it much easier for people to make their true feelings known to that special someone.

See Me Differently, available now in the App Store and soon to be released on Android, has been developed to let users send that heartfelt message via an anonymous text.

Fast, fun and easy to use, See Me Differently pulls the string on Cupid’s bow by placing a new twist on the oldest game of making yourself known. Speak your heart until you’re sure the time is right to reveal yourself.

App developer, Steve French, comments, “Everyone loves receiving a Valentines card; without even reading the message we have a sense of excitement and intrigue. And for the sender, they’re perfect for making our feelings known without losing face.

“See Me Differently works in the same way, only it’s available on a mobile device 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s incredibly easy to use. You send us a message, we’ll let the recipient know what’s going on and then send them the message. They reply direct, you chat, you laugh and away you go.

“With See Me Differently, every day can be like Valentine’s Day.”

See Me Differently ( – key features
• Send messages to that special someone anonymously
• Take part in more than one conversation at once
• Manage contacts
• Send your own messages

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