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Sensory Fish: Entertain your baby or toddler in this fun, entertaining and colorful underwater sensory app. While also helping to develop your child’s hand eye coordination skills.
Watch your newborn’s eyes light up and go goo goo ga ga ! This sensorial app takes a unique twist on sensory based firework apps with many cause and effect sensory features to enjoy and explore:

• Vibration on touching the game screen
• Sound Effects on touching the game screen
• Bubbles are created where ever the game screen is touched
• Controls where the fish swim to, includes multi touch support
• Gyro support – as your device is rotated, the game world rotates with it
• Baby safe game screen – prevent from accidentally exiting the game
• Different fish to choose from all with varying contrasting colors, you can also choose multiple fish types to play with at the same time!

Babies of several months old are starting to explore their world and learn about their environment. They are also starting to learn basic motoric skills. They are learning from trying something new. When they discover something fun and addictive, they will repeatedly perform the same activity over and over again in delight. They also learn about touch and sensory. What they touch and how it feels to touch.

As they are getting older, they start to learn cause and effect. They will learn what they do will have an effect on the world around them. Playing our game, they can learn that touching something or moving something will cause something to happen on the screen. In this case, when they touch the screen, they will feel the vibration on the tip of their fingers and they will also see bubbles appear. It’s a complete sensory experience. They will feel, see, and hear the effect of what they do to the screen.

Your child will slowly progress and develop finer motoric skills. They will no longer only touch, they will fine tune their movement to be more detailed. In this app, they can guide the fish to move here and there. They will learn to focus and concentrate to make the fish move as they want.
A child needs a lot of stimulation. The game provides a lot of sensory stimulation to your babies. They will enjoy this underwater game. Perhaps you’ll think this game is too simple. However, young child don’t have the ability to understand complex games yet. It is must preferable to give them something simple but colorful to play with.

So, download and install this game on your device for FREE. You can bring this game with you anywhere. No need to pack heavy and huge toys around to entertain your babies when you go out with them. Where ever you are, the game will delight you and entertain your child.

*This sensorial app not only benefits babies and toddlers, it can also be particularly enjoyable and useful as a sensory device for autistic children of varying ages.

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