Sentiment Scanner – Extract Insights And Engage With ChatGPT From Google Play external link

Sentiment Scanner is your ultimate customer experience tool for leveraging Google Play app reviews to be data driven :
1. Hassle-free Integration: With Sentiment Scanner, integration is as simple as typing your app name into our system.
2. Intelligent Text Analysis: Our platform expertly categorizes user feedback into ‘Good’, ‘Bad’, and ‘To Fix’, streamlining the review process.
3. Scheduled Reports: Stay on top of your game with automated, comprehensive reports delivered to your inbox weekly.
4. Tailored Reports: Have specific questions? Generate custom reports based on your unique inquiries, such as ‘What do users think about the UI?’.
5. In-depth Analytics: We provide detailed app statistics for a thorough analysis, enabling you to dig deeper and uncover meaningful insights.
6. NPS Metrics: Keep an eye on your Net Promoter Score with Sentiment Scanner and stay informed about customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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