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LogSentinel releases the most secure cloud-based datastore SentinelDB and we are delighted to share the details with you. After managing to power the Bulgarian e-gov with our previous blockchain solution, we are determined to protect our customers data in the best technically possible which we believe could happen by spreading awareness on SentinelDB.

More than 50% of consumers in developed markets think companies are dishonest about using their data. Strict data protection regulations (GDPR, HIPAA) impose large compliance costs and increase risk exposure. Data breaches happen practically every day, exposing the personal data of millions of people, and no company is safe. Based on the “2018 Data Breach Investigations Report” by Verizon, 80% of the data that has been leaked is either personal, payment or medical, leading to financial losses and reputational risks the targeted companies.

To prevent data breaches, LogSentinel has built a secure and compliant data store that encrypts data per-record using a secure key hierarchy and protects data integrity with blockchain technology.

Customers get to store personal data in the cloud-based SentinelDB, thus outsourcing all compliance data protection efforts, while keeping non-personal data in their existing database solutions. SentinelDB provides full history of the stored personal data, as well as GDPR-specific functionalities like erasure and pseudonymization.

SentinelDB’s key features include:
• Compliance and security as a service
• Extremely secure encryption per record
• Deployed on a cloud infrastructure
• Fast and reliable queries
• Ability to search in encrypted data
• Horizontal scalability
• Easy integration with existing systems through an API

Bozhidar Bozhanov, CEO and Founder of LogSentinel: “With SentinelDB you can achieve full compliance and ultimate data security leveraging the power of advanced encryption, machine learning and blockchain technology. “

LogSentinel is an award-winning provider of information security and compliance solutions. Our clients can easily safeguard their data and logs by using combining advanced encryption and blockchain technology. multiple high-profile clients. Trusted by the Bulgarian e-government and by companies throughout Europe, LogSentinel is determined to protect data in the best technically possible way for a large set of verticals, including Financial, Marketing, Medical, Travel, and Government.

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