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Shake it – an Innovative yet simple Android media player for playing audio, video and even for managing these media files on your Phone and Sd Card.
Shake it Media Player is an amazing and innovative Audio and Video player app for Android.

Shake it Media Player can be used as a simple media player but isn’t so simple, It is also an awesome must have Android app for all which is easily operated by a Shake Button. No need to touch, tap or click on any button, app easily opened just by shaking your Android device.

How to Use Shake it Media Player?

Shake button means you can use Shake event to tap play, pause, next or previous button.

Shake device means,

1. You have to shake your Android device slowly to enter this app, and you can use shake device instead of click or tap event Play, Pause or Stop button just with shaking your device.

2. Shake your device slowly, if you shake device to left you can use button play or pause without click button, if you shake to the right you can use stop button without click button.

3. You can use shake device into image too, forward right to next button and left to back or previous button.

Main Features of Shake it Media Player:

Features in this application :

► Shake Device if you shake your device to the left you get action play or pause button, if you shake to the right you get action stop button.

► Shake Button, You can use all of button and get shake button action.

► Read all data on sdcard with folder, extension .gif, .png, .jpeg, .mp3, .3gp, and many more.

► Play all music, audio and video files in your Phone or sdcard.

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