ShiftGenius – Create Optimal Team Schedules For Free! external link

ShiftGenius uses an algorithm to find an optimal schedule based on shifts and individual user preferences — for free and no ads!

It works like this:
1. Tell us the time period of your schedule and create the shifts covering it. Our interface makes it easy to create repeatable shifts.

2. Add team members and choose their working preferences such as weekly hours and specific day preferences.

3. Generate an optimal schedule with a single button click. We’ll do the math and suggest which person should cover each shift.

Try us out today! No signup required.

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  1. Rose Carter says:

    The idea of the app is awesome, although it can benefit from a few improvements..

  2. Joyce Russell says:

    Good. But still space to improve.

  3. Ruby Diaz says:

    It is a good app to have