ShutterFlow For Instagram external link

ShutterFlow is the perfect Instagram browser featuring options missing from the official app:

* Mute button – Clean up you photo feed by removing unwanted users (without unfollowing or blocking)
* Like comments – You can like comments with just one heart tap
* Follows back – Easily see if users follow you back or not (non-intrusive avatar indicator)
* Pan & Zoom – Zoom in/out photos with a simple pinch gesture
* Repost – Republish any post with user attribution and social stats
* Save – Save any post to you CameraRoll with user attribution and social stats
* Larger avatar – Quick and easy way to see the large avatar photo
* Exact dates – Show the exact dates for posts and comments
* Link detection – You can tap to open links in Safari (works in captions, comments and bio)
* Multiple accounts – Quickly switch between multiple accounts

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