Simple Cards – Flashcard Manager external link

SimpleCards is a powerful and easy-to-use flashcard manager

-No subscriptions, buy once, use forever
-Sync your sets, flashcards, tags and practice results across your devices using Dropbox
-Easily create, manage and review flashcards with custom tags, star and learnt marks
-Schedule notifications of flashcards that you want to study with just a quick glance without needing to open the app.
-Flashcard autoplay and auto-pronounce loops over your flashcards for times when you cannot use your hands
-Flexible export and import options for and from existing flashcard manager applications
-4 practice types (match, spell, listen and multiple-choice) with the ability to set hint to term, definition or mixed
-Dark mode across the application for night-time studies
-Pronunciation using the operating system’s built-in voices (the number of languages may vary between devices and operating system versions, pronunciation can be enabled by setting the term’s and definition’s language in the studyset settings, if pronunciation is available then a speaker icon will appear next to the selected language)

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