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The powerful app to decrypt, create and negotiate a venture capital operation or financing with friends and family.

Designed for founders, leaders, stockholders of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, business angels, corporate advisors and lawyers.

Simulfund lets you deal with key terms that could be relevant in startup funding:

• Capitalization.
• Option Pool.
• Condition of Closing.
• Preferred Stock.
• Cumulative Dividends.
• Anti-Dilution Provision.
• Liquidation Preference.
• Co-Sale Rights.
• ROFR, and many other Venture Capital Terms …

Save time and innovate by taking advantage of technologies to make certain that suitable care is taken in understanding, checking or drafting your operations.


• Quickly estimate the value of a startup company.
• Shows the stock dilution when additional shares are issued.
• See how equity financing has an impact on the business valuation.
• Anticipate the values of shares for the current and new shareholders.
• Estimate the new total number of voting rights when you raise money.
• Send the data to the Term Sheet app or include an option pool in the deal.
• Import the data from the cap tables of a Term Sheet file into the calculators.


• Explains all and reveals the terms that could be very appropriate in startups financing.
• Decrypt term sheets even if you are a neophyte, and if something happens, just contact an advisor.
• Plan Term sheets by mastering and managing the key terms that could be applied in venture capital deals.
• Get 1000 possible combinations to plan, check or compare cases where shares are issued with additional rights.
• As a lawyer, export, import or write your clauses to efficiently finalize the term sheets you are involved in drafting.
• When investing, drive your deal flow and investments in startups by saving or importing your term sheets through files.
• As an entrepreneur, reinstall all the data from previous term sheets, create significant documents or import and export files.


• Retains your data safe even if the app is in the background.
• Works offline, with your data stored locally and fully encrypted.
• Utilizes robust encryption and encryption keys can be easily changed.
• Control access with Face ID or Touch ID, no need to create an account.
• Builds from the ground up, with Apple’s secure APIs with 80,000 lines of code.
• No Ads ,third party SDKs or Trackers and your data never leaves your devices.
• No network connection, neither Apple nor Simulfund’s developers can see your data.


• Simulfund provides a glossary and a concise library of key terms addressing crucial information.
• Import texts with key terms from other Simulfund apps and clearly compare the draft.
• Working remotely with your clients, partners or advisors with effective documents.
• Import and Export Term Sheet files compatible with all iOS and macOS devices.
• Export and import files with your standard or specific clauses to all devices.
• Encrypt or export all your data as CSV, PDF or TXT files.
• Drag and drop your clauses in the term sheet text.

Enjoy this app anywhere you go, increase your productivity and your ability to finance your business plan or invest in a start-up company.

It is an outstanding tool, enriching to use, unique and available for Macs and iOS.

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