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by Downtown Development Group LLC
Sing popular hits by yourself or perform a virtual duet with friends. Record songs, challenge friends to guess your song, or listen to other songs from talented, and sometimes hilarious, singers. Share your recorded songs on the Sing!Social Network with friends on Facebook.
We love Sing!Social…
“I just can’t stop singing.” – Mark
“Fantastic!! I can sing a duet with my friend in Australia!.” – Emmanuel
“SING!Social is making me FAMOUS!” – Chen

How it Works:
1. FIND a song to sing
2. RECORD yourself singing solo or invite a friend to sing a duet!
3. SHARE it on the Sing!Social Network for friends to listen
4. PLAY guessing games with friends on Sing!Social to name the song or artist
Can’t sing? Who cares, neither can most of your friends. Just make it fun and you’ll be the life of the network!

More Features:
● Record a song you sing yourself or with others right on your iPhone
● Share your recordings with friends using your favorite social sites like Facebook
● Invite your friends to sing a duet with you!
● Challenge friends to a guessing game
● Earn mics (points) to get more songs
● Listen to other singers on the Sing!Network
● Vote for the top songs to appear on the Sing!Social popular list
● Post your fav’s to Facebook
● Push notifications tell you when a friend wants you to sing or play
● And much, much more…


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